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Air Driven Vehicle
Objective To build and design an air-driven vehicle that is to be powered from a wind generator. The car will be tested by movement against the flow of air.
Purpose To learn about aerodynamics.
Participants Teams of up to four.
Materials A wind generator with three different air flow settings and a test track as specified in the rules below, which will be supplied in the competition.
  1. The air flow centre will be 12.5 cm above the test deck and the flow nozzle is 14 cm internal diameter.
  2. The car will be timed over a distance of 1 m from a 2 m mark to a 1 m mark (moving towards the nozzle) for 3 different air flow settings.
  3. The car will be allowed 3 runs at each air flow setting and judges will count the best of the three.
  4. The car will be run along a track with a centre line and two outer lines located 10 cm on each side of the centre line.
  5. The car will be disqualified on a run if the centre of the car goes beyond either of the outer lines.
  6. The car should be equipped with a metal marker at the front centre of it. This will help with the timing and disqualification.
  7. The car must be self-steering and no adjustment will be allowed between runs other than changes in weight loadings.
Judging The car with the lowest aggregate time for the 3 air flow speeds will be declared the winner.
Source Youth Science Foundation Science Olympics Manual.

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