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Bubble Brawn
Objective To make a film (like a soap film) that can support the most weight by surface tension alone.
Participants Teams of up to four.
  1. Inner ring (provided by Science Olympics organizers) made of #32 nichrome wire, which is 4.3 cm in diameter and 0.05 grams in mass.
  2. An outer ring, which is devised and constructed by each team, using any materials desired. The ring can be any shape, provided it is no more than 10 cm in diameter and 80 cm in area.
  3. The solution to support the weight, which is designed by each team and may be of any liquid substance (e.g.. soap, detergent, etc ...) No form of glue may be used.
  4. The torsion balance will be provided by organizers.
Rules 1. Two concentric rings are dipped in a solution. The outer ring is fixed (to a table) and the inner ring is allowed to move freely.
Judging The weights are to be added to the inner ring, and the team whose apparatus supports the most weight, without breaking the film surface, wins.
Source Youth Science Foundation Science Olympics Manual.

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