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Cryptic Crossword
Objective Complete the most correct words in a crossword puzzle from clues provided.
Participants Teams of up to six.
Materials Pencil, paper, clues, crossword puzzle.

1. There will be two tables, set some distance apart. One table is the team table where the team members gather. The second table is the answer table.
2. One team member will cross the floor to obtain a CLUE. The student returns to the team table where the team members confer to decide the most likely ONE WORD answer. While talking is permitted, it should be subdued to avoid communicating with other teams.
3. Another team member crosses the floor to the answer table to try the team answer in the space provided for that clue. Time is limited. If you can't answer you may choose to abandon the CLUE or return to the team table now with the length of the word provide in the puzzle for further discussion. Answers must be spelled correctly to score.
4. When the answer has been entered or the CLUE abandoned, that person at the answer table will proceed to obtain another CLUE in exchange for the old one.


The raw score is equal to the number of words identified.

Team Score =  

H = Highest Raw Score; L = Lowest Raw Score; S = Your Raw Score. This formula gives 100 points to the highest raw score, 25 points to the lowest raw score, and scales the rest linearly.


Source London District Science Olympics. This event was designed by Dennis Trankner and John Welbourn.

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