Physics and Astronomy

Objective To build a mousetrap powered device which will carry an egg as close as possible to the wall.
Participants Teams of up to six.
Materials Mousetrap - define a model that is widely available in your area.

1. Alteration and or modification of the trap to improve efficiency is encouraged, but the energy
must be supplied by the original trap spring only.
2. The device must not be constructed with pre-manufactured parts (ie - wheels from model cars, etc.).
3. The device must be able to carry a naked Grade A large egg on its front (supplied and installed just prior to the start). The egg must extend at least 1 cm beyond the front of the device and be securely fastened to the device.
4. The device must remain on the course which is 1 metre by 10 metres.
5. A wall will be at the 10 metre line.
6. The egg must survive the trip undamaged - no cracks or breaks.
7. The device must be able to compete in a three round elimination tournament.
8. The egg closest to the wall at the end of the race will be declared the winner.

Judging There will be a three round single elimination tournament to determine the overall winner.
Source Technical University of Nova Scotia.

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