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Elementary Card Game
Objective To construct the element game and play it.
Purpose A fun way to learn the elements of the periodic table.
Participants Two Players
Materials Small pieces of cardboard (file cards,) crayons or coloured pencils.
  1. Make the game by printing the name of different element on one side of each card and a labeled picture or labeled pictures of ways it is used on the other.
  2. Make as many cards as you like - you can play the game with 10 - but it's better with more.
    You can look up more elements in a dictionary or a mineral book.
  3. When you have your set of cards, make another set exactly the same and keep the two sets separate. Now you're ready to play.
  1. Shuffle each set of cards, one set with the name of the elements on one side facing up and the other with the labeled pictures facing up
  2. Put the two sets - one for each player - on a table
  3. One player removes a card off his or her pile. If the picture on top of the one pile and the element on the other match - the race is on - and the first player to shout "Match" wins a card from his or her opponent. If a player makes a mistake and calls "Match" when the element and the picture don't match he or she loses a card.
  4. The game goes on until one person has all the cards or you can set a time limit.
Judging The person with the most cards (in this case) wins. For Science Olympics make this a round robin competition with the winner compiling the most victories.
Source Youth Science Foundation Science Olympics Manual.

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