Physics and Astronomy

Mitosis Multiplication

From a photograph and/or slide of cells, make calculations of growth based on mitotic divisions.

Participants A team of up to 6 biologists.
Materials The photograph and slides will be supplied by the judges. Bring pencils, paper, eraser and calculator.
  1. make calculations of growth based on mitotic divisions.
    i) the identification of mitotic phases.
    ii) an estimation of the time required for cell division to take place based on a given time for one of the phases.
    iii) an estimation of growth rate based on calculations in ii) and calculation of the time required for a specific growth to occur


    eg. If metaphase takes an average of 25 minutes in an onion root tip, how long would it take the root to grow 5 mm.

  1. Students must communicate their calculations in a logical, scientific format. They will be judged on their process of measurement and communication as well as their accuracy. All biologist teams will be given the same micrograph.
Source London District Science Olympics: Jane Welsh

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