Physics and Astronomy

Periodic Spelling Bee
Objective Use the following "spelling contest" as a test of mental quickness and scientific knowledge.
Purpose To help students relate chemical symbols to the names of the elements and their location on the periodic table
Participants Teams of up to four.
Materials Pencil, paper.
  1. Use the periodic table to construct as many words as possible from combinations of chemical symbols.
  2. If a symbol consists of two letters (for example, the symbol for Lithium is Li) you must use both letters. In a two-letter symbol, however, the capital letter may be counted as lower case.
  3. You cannot add sulfur to the end of any word simply to make that word plural.
  1. 1 point for each word up to 6 letters.
  2. 3 points for each word with 7, 8 letters.
  3. 7 points for each word with 9 or more letters.
  4. 10 points for the longest word, and 2 points bonus for words that have to do with SCIENCE.
Source Youth Science Foundation Science Olympics Manual.

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