Physics and Astronomy

Solar House
Objective To build a working model of a solar house that will passively collect heat from the sun.
Purpose To investigate solar energy and the properties of insulators.
Participants Individuals or teams of two.
Materials No restrictions.
  1. The scale must be 2 cm for each 1 m.
  2. The house must be a 3 bedroom model representing an area of 140 - 160 square metres.
  3. The model must be designed to work without the aid of any electrical or outside mechanical assistance.
  4. Two small holes must be provided to insert thermometers during the test, both 1 cm above ground level, one in the centre of the north wall, one in the centre of the west wall.
  1. The model will be tested by measuring the initial and final temperatures inside the house after exposure to a heat lamp.
  2. Heat retention after exposure will also be measured.
Source Youth Science Foundation Science Olympics Manual.

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