Physics and Astronomy

Biology Puzzle
Introduction Students will be presented with ten coloured pictures of biological objects (plants, animals, cells, etc.) The goal will be to identify the pictures correctly and then to write a detailed description about one picture selected from the ten.

1. No reference of any sort may be used during this challenge.
2. A point system will be used for the different pictures dependent upon the difficulty of identifying.
3. Each grade will receive a different set of ten pictures.
4. The pictures will be partially based on the theme of the biology unit in each grade. Familiarity with the content of textbooks used in grades 8 to 10 may be helpful.


1. The ten pictures are each worth three points. Teams are given a mark from 0 - 3 based on the completeness and correctness of their answer. The best answers for each picture are given 3 points.
2. The points a team receives for each picture are added together. Points will be subtracted for incorrect identifications (i.e. wild guesses).
3. The detailed description will be graded, out of a maximum possible score of 10, by a panel judges (teachers, etc...).
4. The team with the greatest combined score wins the event. (Maximum possible score = 40 points)

Source Youth Science Foundation Science Olympics Manual.

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