Physics and Astronomy

Introduction Each team of 3 - 5 members must identify the greatest number of picture puzzles in the area of biology as quickly as possible. The puzzle will be projected on to a large screen so everyone will be able to see the puzzles being put together.

1. The time limit of this event is 30 min.
2. The pictures will be cut into pieces and put together one piece at a time. 50 points will be awarded upon starting the puzzle and decrease by 10 points for every piece added.
3. A 5 point penalty will be given for incorrect answers.
4. Verbal clues can be given.
5. Only one person, the team leader, will give answers.
6. A new piece of the puzzle will be added after a maximum of 3 guesses have been made or after 30 seconds have elapsed.


Upon completion of the event, the team with the largest number of points will be declared the winner

Source Youth Science Foundation Science Olympics Manual.

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