Physics and Astronomy

Picture Puzzles
Introduction The picture puzzles event will consist of (40) short answer questions. Contestants will be given approximately (30) seconds to respond in writing to each of the questions.

The question presented will have a particular emphasis on the science of astronomy, meteorology, geology, ecology, pollutions and their application to the environment (of your area or province).

1. All answers must be placed on an answer sheet.
2. No writing on the question booklet.
3. All answers must be written neatly.
4. Team members may discuss their possible response to a question.
5. Discussions must be quiet to ensure that other groups do not overhear.
6. Approximately 30 seconds will be given for each question.
7. The slide will be presented once only. No question will be repeated.
8. Contestants must remain in their work area while the competition is in progress.


1. The total possible number of points is 40 and each question will have a value of one point.
2. The contestants score for this competition will be the total number of correct responses on their answer sheet.
3. The number of correct responses will be determined by the judges.
4. The correctness of each answer will be determined by the judges and their decision will be final.

Source Youth Science Foundation Science Olympics Manual.

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