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Science Bowl
Introduction A contest between two teams (4 - 5 persons per team) to see which team has a greater knowledge of science-related questions. A quiz modelled on "Reach for the Top".
Materials Answer and question cards for the game, a buzzer will be supplied to each team.

1. There will be two 20 minute playing periods with a 5 minute rest period between halves.

2. In front of each member will be a button which will be used to signal which team will have the first opportunity to answer the question.

3. After the signal is given, the answer must be given within 5 seconds after some consulting between team members. Each correct answer will be worth 20 points to the team who gave that answer.

4. If a team gives an incorrect answer, 10 points will be deducted from their score. The question will be re-read and the other team given an opportunity to answer - no points are deducted if the second team fails to answer or answers incorrectly.

5. At the end of each period of play, bonus questions worth 5 points each will be asked and each team will be allowed 20 seconds to answer. Team members may take notes and transmit them to the captain - only the captain can answer the bonus question.

6. The contest will consist of objective questions which will call for factual answers and practical challenges where one member (chosen by the team itself) from each team will be required to perform a small task in the shortest time.


The winning team is determined by the total number of points for both periods of play.

Source Youth Science Foundation Science Olympics Manual.

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