Physics and Astronomy

Star Cards
Introduction To increase your vocabulary of astronomy words.
Materials Approximately 30 cards (6 inch X 12 inch) - List of astronomy terms.

1. On each card, print one astronomy term on it with two or three of its letters missing (e.g. z--ith for zenith, -o-p-s- for compass).

2. Ten participants will stand in front of the class, each one holding a card. The class will have three minutes to study the cards.

3. The class is not allowed to write anything during those three minutes.

4. The ten participants leave the room when the three minutes expire. The class then has two minutes to write the ten words correctly (filling in all the missing letters).

5. After two minutes, the class exchanges papers and the ten students return to the classroom. The students must then correct their papers.


1. The student(s) with the greatest number of correct answers wins the game.

Note: This quiz can be performed for any area of study (chemistry, biology etc...

Source Youth Science Foundation Science Olympics Manual.

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