Physics and Astronomy

Weather Bee
Introduction To spell weather words correctly and quickly.
Materials Chalk board, chalk and eraser a list of words related to weather

1. One member from each team spells a word given by the scorekeeper at the chalk board.

2. Each player gets one turn at the chalk board.

3. The word is to be spelled as accurately and quickly as possible.


1. One point is awarded to each team that spells the word correctly.

2. An additional point is awarded to the team that spells the correct word in the shortest time.

3. Play continues until a team has earned 25 points, or until all words are used.

Sample Words

atmosphere, carbon, cirrus, cloud, forecast, frost, glaze, hail, precipitation, sleet, snow, stratus, tornadoes, vapor, velocity, westerlies, wind vane.

Note: Any area of study (eg. biology, astronomy, paleontology) could be the theme of this spelling game.

Source Youth Science Foundation Science Olympics Manual.

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