Physics and Astronomy

The Wild Kingdom
Introduction Contestants will be asked 50 to 60 questions concerning the identity, behavior, classification, characteristics, and functions of some common organisms belonging to the animal, plant, fungi, and protista kingdoms.
Materials Living organisms and preserved specimens (slides). In some cases, only part of an organism will be displayed.
  1. Each contestant will be given an answer sheet which he/she must use to record his/her answers for submission to the judges.
  2. The contest will consist of approximately 30 stations (each station may contain more than one question). At each station, a specimen will be displayed and the question(s) to answer will be posted.
  3. Each contestant will begin at a different station and will be allowed 2 min. before being required to move in a clockwise fashion to the next one. Expiry of 2 min. will be signalled by a supervisor.
  4. At the end of the competition, answer sheets will be collected from the contestants and evaluated.
  1. Each of the responses to the questions asked will be evaluated with equal weight - answers will be correct or incorrect (no part marks will be allotted).
  2. The contestant attaining the highest score will be the first place winner, the next two highest scores will be second and third.
Source Youth Science Foundation Science Olympics Manual.

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