Physics and Astronomy


Ontario Grade Nine


Adobe Acrobat Download the free Adobe Acrobat pdf file reader.
Game Money Print game money featuring Canadian Nobel Laureates. (pdf file, 2 Megabytes)
Any Subject:  
Cryptic Cross Word Identify scientific words in a cryptic cross word puzzle.
Cryptic Word Search Identify scientific words in a cryptic word search puzzle.
Reference Race Use 1.0 m of reference books to answer 10 questions in 15 minutes.
Chemistry Grade Nine: Atoms and Elements
Chemical Caper Become a millionaire by identifying elements and compounds from the clues given.
Elementary Card Game Learn the elements with this card game.
Periodic Spelling Bee Spell words using chemical symbols only.
Physics: Electricity
Black Box Mystery An electric circuit game.
Circuitous Circuits Identify five mystery light bulb circuits.
Circuitous Circuits
Virtual Version
Solve light bulb problems on the web.
Metric Madness How much does it cost to fill the gymnasium with marshmallows?


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