Physics and Astronomy


Ontario Grade Ten


Adobe Acrobat Download the free Adobe Acrobat pdf file reader.
Game Money Print game money featuring Canadian Nobel Laureates. (pdf file, 2 Megabytes)
Any Subject  
Cryptic Cross Word Identify scientific words in a cryptic cross word puzzle.
Cryptic Word Search Identify scientific words in a cryptic word search puzzle.
Instant Poster Paint a poster to present particular point.
Reference Race Use 1.0 m of reference books to answer 10 questions in 15 minutes.
Rube Goldberg Do a simple task in the most complicated way possible.
Biology Grade Ten: Ecosystems
Add Em Up Analyse two different populations using a different method in each case.
Chemistry Grade Ten Chemical Processes and Reactions
INDYcator 500 Measure the pH of unknown samples.
Physics: Motion
Air Driven Vehicle An air-powered car.
Airfoil Launch Design an airfoil driven by balloon power.
Egg 500 Transport an egg using a rubber band.
Egg Loft Put all your eggs in one rocket.
Eggstatic Build a device which will carry an egg as close as possible to the wall.
Kickback Cart Make a cart with recoil.
No Wheels, Will Travel Construct a wheel-less vehicle.
Out To Launch Launch a ball and hit a target.
Slow Bicycle Race Dawdle as long as you can without falling off.
Space Probe Launch Send a space probe to a planet Olympus.
Spinning Tops Construct your own spinning top.
S.P.L.A.T. Throw and catch an egg without breaking it.
Target Practice Hit a target with a golf ball.


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