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Ontario Grades Eleven and Twelve


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Audiovisual Presentation Make a video, PowerPoint or web based presentation.
Fermi Questions How many piano tuners are there in Toronto?
Magic Show Create some Magic, and then explain the science that makes it work.
One Minute Invention The Inventor has one minute to present the solution to a problem.
One Minute Moment Present a demonstration and its explanation in one minute.
Orienteering Compete in an Orienteering competition.
Rube Goldberg Do a simple task in the most complicated way possible.
York University Link to Science Olympics events at York University.
Amazing Rodents Train you favourite rodent to run a standard maze.
And This Little Pig Biology of the foetal pig.
Cell Model Construct a 3-D model of a cell.
Forensic Biology You are the Forensic Science Team. What can you tell the police?
If The Key Fits Taxonomic Identification of Biological Organisms.
Microscopic Manipulations Prepare specific microscopic slides and accurately measure cell dimensions
Mitosis Multiplication Calculate growth based on mitotic divisions.
Mixed Company Identify cells and organisms.
Piece by Piece Prepare a dissection.
Scientist's Apprentice Model a realistic scientific investigation in a biological context.
Chemical Detective Which Ions produce the precipitation?
Chemistry Relay Solve chemistry problems in a relay race.
Compound Boggle Learn many chemical compounds
Ionic Analysis Analyze an unknown solution.
Model Building Build models of chemical compounds.
Mystery Solutions Identify 8 ions in solution.
Super Sleuth Identify an unknown liquid.
Water Analysis Analyze a water sample for acidity, hardness.
Earth and Space Science
Sulphur In Peace Can you find the sulphur by examining a topographic map?
Functional Mathematics Identify the equations of functions from graphs or tables of values.
Lightening Calculators Do 20 mental arithmetic questions in 100 seconds.
Serial Series Identify additional terms in the series provided.
Physics Grade 11
Bike Rally Compete in a bicycle rally.
Bottle Music Tune 18 bottles and make music.
Computer Simulation Write a program to simulate a scientific concept, in this case optics
Dante's Peek Build a model from verbal instructions only.
Egg Drop Make a safe container and drop it from the top floor.
Jam Session Make two musical instruments and play them.
Junk Box Music Build your instruments and then make music.
Laser Shoot Hit a target through a maze
Lift Off Send a "Satellite " to another "Planet".
London Bridge Build a bridge strong enough to drive a car over using 200 popsicle sticks.
Looney Tunes Tune 12 one-litre beakers and make music.
Optical Black Box Identify the optical components inside a black box from the light rays.
Mousetrap Mobile Mousetrap powered vehicle.
Music Music Music Make some musical instrument and play tunes.
Optic Maze Aim a laser at a target via a maze.
Peculiar Par 3 Hit a golf ball three feet using a rubber band.
Potential Energy Cart Use a falling 0.50 kg mass as the energy source.
Symphonic Olympics Make three instruments and make more music.
Star Wars Hit a target with a laser after reflection from two mirrors.
Take a Flight Make a paper plane, testing it for distance.
Tea Making Lets make a nice cuppa tea.
Three Pointer Kick a Nerf Ball through miniature goal posts.
Vampire Feast Examine 6 slides of prepared blood.
Water Launch Balloon Launch a water balloon on the football field.
Windmill Build a windmill
Work Hard - Hard Work Strengthen a copper pipe by bending and then straightening it.
Physics Grade 12
Bionic Arm Build a mechanical arm and use it to perform a task.
Egg Lob Launch an egg using two rubber bands.
Eggmobile Mossport Use an elastic band to power a vehicle to carry an egg.
Laser shoot Hit a target with a laser beam.
Pendulum Ballista Use a pendulum to strike a ball bearing so as to hit a target on the floor.
Quizzics Explain the physics behind some favourite demonstrations.
Robot Runner Build a wheeled robot to run a 3.0 m course.
Robot Walker Build a waddling robot (no wheels) to run a 3.0 m course.
Vehicle Challenges Build a vehicle to carry out various challenges.
Whisser Build a device to run on a piano wire uphill.
Yo - Yo Challenge Build a world class Yo Yo.



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