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Unlike the Summer or Winter Olympic games, select individuals are not the only ones who participate in the "Science Olympics". These Olympics are not of the athletic variety but of the mind, with the level of competition ranging from the average to the gifted.

Any individual interested in the pursuit of excellence through science or competition will be interested in Science Olympics. The events are straightforward, the rules are simple and the only missing ingredient is your participation.

In order to have a successful Science Olympics, you do not need a large number of participants. It is preferable, especially in the early years of organization, to have small numbers of keen participants.

If you are holding your Olympics in a school or classroom situation, it would be easy to inform your students of the Olympics. You may even require participation as being a mandatory part of classroom work.

If the games are not held during class-time or, as part of an extra-curricular program, more work would be involved in informing the participants. Schools should utilize the P.A. systems, school-papers and notices on the bulletin board, and teachers could make announcements in classes. Organizations outside the school system could use annual meetings, newsletters and notices to inform members.

You should inform the participants well in advance of the Olympics when they have to build models. Remember communication is not always easy and accurate. To ascertain the number participating, you may require direct contact through phone calls or letters - follow up is recommended.

The method of participation would have to be planned. You could have individual competition, teams of two or three or any combination of these. As an example, you may have individuals or teams of two competing in the specific events. Their scores would be totaled to determine the overall day winner. Your decision will be based on the objectives you wish to accomplish.

Memo to Teams

Please wear name tags at all times.

All teams within any group must complete the event within the allotted time. Officials are responsible for running the event as efficiently as possible but it is the responsibility of the team to arrive at the designated event on time.

There should be at least one teacher/adult per team for supervision purposes.

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