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A registration desk should be set up early on the day of your Olympics. If you have conducted early registration, you should simply be confirming information that has already been received. Should you have decided not to use this route, you will want to make sure that there are enough people on the desk to help in the processing of registration forms. Be prepared, in either case, for potential last minute problems. At this time, students should receive name tags, timetables and room assignments. Post event locations and timetables around the Olympics area for visitors and students.

Some events may run longer than others, or they may only take up half a day. One way to round out the Science Olympics and to interest young people in science is through demonstrations.

Local professors, scientists and teachers can demonstrate various scientific principles both during and after the Science Olympics. You might consider the following for demonstrations:

Computer games; Drug analysis; Fingerprinting; Instrumentation; Chemical magic show; Physics demonstrations; Anatomy; Tours of science facilities.

To avoid errors and panic at registration, it is advantageous to have preregistration with names and addresses sent to you in advance. Write thank you letters to the participants (in the schools or groups). This shows them that you care about their participation. Remember, these events are not only for the students, but for adults as well. The whole family could get involved, both for events in and outside the school system..

The Registration and Score-keeping Desk would serve as a focal point for the day's activities. This routine could be done prior to the actual days of the Olympics. Judges can return the score-sheets which could then be transcribed into a master plan. This would simplify your job when you require final results.

The following items will make the job easier for the person(s) in charge of the registration desk:

  1. Computer with printer.
  2. Extra copies of rules and regulations.
  3. Lots of pens and pencils.
  4. Small photocopier

It is advisable to extend courtesy (by letter) to those who have contributed their time and other resources to your Olympics. Ask them for ideas, opinions and suggestions (in general) that would in some way enhance your next Olympics.

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