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November and February have proven to be successful months for past high school competitions. You will have to plan according to your own school or area timetable, taking into consideration other extra-curricular activities, holidays and exams.

Registration should be received in advance from schools and/or individuals to ease your task in processing entries. A standard entry form (See Section VIII) is one of the easiest ways to handle this. It is probably to your advantage not to allow changes once a registration form has been received - except to allow, of course, for emergencies.

When you have received all the registration forms, then you should develop a timetable for events and teams. This may require some work on your part but it will

ensure that the competition runs smoothly.

You may have one team which participates in all the events or members of a larger school team participating in different events. Samples are included for organizing both.

An entry fee of a token amount i.e. $5.00, helps defray costs and ensures that entrants are serious

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