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Course Information

The objectives of the First Year Physics Laboratory

Laboratory Course Outlines

The course outlines are avalible on the laboratory OWL page

Notes to Students

You will find this document in your lab package. Read this before the first lab as it contains sections with valuable information about your laboratory course.

Laboratory List, Marks and Absences

This information is available on the laboratory OWL page.

Pre-lab Questions

Pre-lab questions are attached to each lab manual. Completed pre-lab questions are due at the door at the very beginning of the lab. We will not accept late pre-lab sheets.

Homework Assignment - (All courses in Term 1)

A laboratory homework assignment will be available on the lab OWL site. Visit the lab OWL site for more information.

Laboratory course exemptions for upper-year students taking a first year physics course

If you have taken a first year physics course in a previous year, you may be eligible for laboratory exemption. Read the course outline posted on the lab OWL page for your course. To apply for lab exemption, follow the steps given on the lab OWL.


Please contact Dr. Kanthi Kaluarachchi, by e-mail: kanthi [at] uwo.ca Or Phone: 519-661-2111 Ext 86446.