Frequently Asked Questions

Who takes the first year physics laboratory?

Students from different courses, Physics 1301/1302, 1401/1402, 1501/1502, 1028 and 1029 attend the First Year Physics Laboratory. Since the total number of students is about 2000, each laboratory section is divided into four laboratory sub-sections, A, B, C and D. For example, the laboratory sub-sections for Physics 1301 and lab section 003 are given as 1301-003-A, 1301-003-B, 1301-003-C and 1301-003-D.

Where are the laboratories held?

First year labs are located in rooms M 2220, 2230, 2240 and 2250. M stands for Materials Science Addition. See the map given on the first year lab home page.

Where can I find out my laboratory section?

Your lab section can be found on your course schedule sent to you by the UWO Registrar's Office, or by checking your Personal Timetable on the UWO Registrar's Website.

Where can I find out my laboratory subsection?

Classlists divided into A, B, C and D subsections can be found on lab OWL .

When is my first laboratory?

This information can be found on lab OWL.

Where can I find my laboratory timetable?

Lab timetables can be found on lab OWL.

What do I need to do before coming to my first laboratory?

Before coming to your first laboratory, you need to :

  • read Notes to Students, found in your lab manual package.
  • buy the First Year Physics Lab Manual package/book from the UWO Bookstore.
  • read Notes to Students, found in your lab manual package or by following the link to lab OWL.
  • check your UWO email account at least once a day. We reply only to your student email account assigned by UWO. Update your local London address and telephone number on file with the UWO Office of the Registrar.
  • read the Measurements lab manual found in your lab manual package.
  • do the pre-lab questions for the Measurements manual and bring it to your first lab. We collect pre-lab sheets at the door. (DO NOT fill in the other sections of the manual at home, lab write-ups must be completed in the class.

Who do I contact if I have a question/problem about the physics labs?

See Contact Information on the First Year Physics Laboratory Website or lab OWL.

Will all of my labs be in the same laboratory room?

No. First year labs are located in rooms M 2220, 2230, 2240 and 2250. Your lab subsection A, B, C or D will attend a different lab on any given lab day. See your lab section's timetable for more information.

Do we work in partners in the First Year Physics Laboratory?

Select ONE lab partner to work with you in the lab. Select your partner from the same sub-section (A, B, C or D) as you are in because all the students in one sub-section will do their labs in the same lab room. You may change your parnter at any time.


What if I have previously taken the First Year Physics Laboratory?

You may be eligible for exemption from the laboratory if you have completed the laboratory within the last three years. Please see Laboratory Exemptions on OWL for more information.

What should I do to get the best Physics Laboratory mark possible?

Read the guidelines for writing lab write-ups which is posted on lab OWL.

When will our graded lab write-ups be returned?

All the lab write-ups collected during lab session will be returned to you at the beginning of the next lab.

I lost something (calculator, binder, jacket, glasses, etc.) in the lab. How can I get it back?

We keep a lost and found box in the lab. Please see a lab supervisor or a demonstrator during lab operating hours.