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NSERC Summer Undergraduate Student Reseach Award (USRA)

Deadline: January 20, 2014

Please email Clara Buma [cbuma at uwo.ca] if you are interested in applying for a summer NSERC Undergraduate Summer Research Award.

To qualify for a USRA, a student must:

NSERC websites with additional instructions

USRA stipends:


The NSERC USRAs are paid positions. For a full 16-week term, NSERC supplies $4500, which we top up according to a student's experience. The typical total pay for 16 weeks is:

Level Total stipend
Year 1 $7800
Year 2 $8200
Year 3 $8600
Year 4 $9000


Potential supervisors in P&A:


This is a preliminary list, subject to change.

For names followed by '*' append '@uwo.ca', and for names followed by '**' append the name with '@astro.uwo.ca' (without the quotes).

Name / Web Page Area of Research Email Address
Barmby, Dr. Pauline Observational extragalactic astronomy and Star clusters pbarmby*

Basu, Dr. Shantanu
Department Chair

Theoretical Astrophysics basu**
Brown, Dr. Peter G. Meteors and comets pbrown*
Cami, Dr. Jan Observational astronomy, molecular spectroscopy jcami*
Campbell-Brown, Dr. Margaret Meteor Physics margaret.campbell*
Chronik, Dr. Blaine A. Medical physics, magnetic resonance Imaging bchronik*
Cottam, Dr. Michael G. Quantum theory of condensed matter systems cottam*
de Bruyn, Dr. John R.
Condensed Matter Physics debruyn*
Drangova, Maria Medical Physics - Ccomputed Tomography, Magnetic Resonance Imaging mdrangov@imaging.robarts.ca
Fanchini, Dr. Giovanni Carbon-based nanomaterials and nano-optoelectronics gfanchin*
Gallagher, Dr. Sarah Active Galaxies and Black Holes sgalla4*
Goncharova, Dr. Lyudmila Condensed Matter, Surface Science, Ion Scattering lgonchar*
Hocking, Dr. Wayne K. Atmospheric Dynamics whocking*
Holdsworth, David Medical Physics - Computed Tomography david.holdsworth@imaging.robarts.ca
Holt, Dr. Richard A. Atomic and Molecular Physic rholt*
Houde, Dr. Martin Star Formation houde**
Hutter, Dr. Jeffrey L.
(Associate Chair for Undergraduate Studies)
Solidification, Pattern Formation, Soft Materials jhutter*
Jones, Dr. Carol Astrophysics of Hot Stars cjones**
Lennard, Dr. William Particle beam studies of matter wlennard*
Mittler, Dr. Silvia Nanotechnology and Photonics smittler*
Osinski, Dr. Gordon Earth and Planetary Science - petrology, Devon Island Mars Project gosinski*
Peeters, Dr. Els Observational astronomy (infrared), interstellar matter, galaxies epeeters*
Poepping, Dr. Tamie Medical Physics (Ultrasound, Hemodynamics) poepping*
Sica, Dr. Robert J. Space and Atmospheric Science and Lidar (laser radar) studies of Earth's atmosphere. sica*
Sigut, Dr. T. Aaron Circumstellar disks, radiative transfer, stellar atmospheres asigut**
Simpson, Dr. Peter J Study of Solids & Surfaces with Slow Positron Beams psimpson*
Singh, Dr. Mahi R Transport, Optical Properties of Solids, Surfaces, Interfaces msingh*
Wiegert, Paul Asteroids, Comets and Planetary Dynamics pwiegert*
Wong, Eugene Medical Physics ewong4*