Physics 2110A 2012


Some interesting videos on oscillations and waves




Our own:


A mass on a spring with three different amounts of damping


A forced pendulum



From the web:


Breaking a wine glass with resonance


A joke on the same subject


Rutgers University Videos


There are many good videos here, including:


Period and amplitude: Quantitative Observation Experiment

Dependence of Period on Size of Oscillation: Observation Experiment

Changing the length of the String: Quantitative Observation Experiment

Pulses on Slinkies: Quantitative Observation Experiment

Reflection of Transverse Pulses on a Slinky: Observation

Speed of Longitudinal vs. Transverse Pulses: Observation Experiment

Interaction of two Pulses: Qualitative Observation Experiment

Length of a Slinky: Observation Experiment

Basic wave observations: Quantitative Observations Experiment


MIT Lec 10 | 8.01 Physics I: Classical Mechanics, Fall 1999


An MIT professor swings on a pendulum in order to show that the period does not depend on the mass. The video is of the whole lecture, to see him swinging start watching at 43 min and beyond.

Slow Motion: rubber string pulled and released

A rubber string suspended from two fixed points is pulled tight and released. The deformation of the string was filmed and is played in slow motion.

Slow Motion High Speed Cymbal with Audio! 420 fps Casio EX FC 100

A cymbal is hit and the resulting vibrations are filmed in slow motion.

A beautiful red drop of water in slow motion

A drop of red liquid falls into a cup of water and the resulting ripples are filmed. This shows the difference between the propagation of a disturbance vs. the propagation of the medium.

Circular Membrane (drum head) Vibration

A speaker plays various frequencies to vibrate a circular membrane. Several modes of vibration can be seen.

Atomic Bomb Test


The pressure wave from an atomic bomb test reaches a clump of trees. The wave is a single pulse and the trees bend forward and back only once.


Tuning fork vibrations in super slow motion


A vibrating tuning fork is filmed with a high speed camera and dipped in milk to see a resulting wave. Issues with Nyquist frequency are discussed.


Standing waves between tuning fork prongs


A high speed camera captures a tuning fork in water. Standing waves and interference patters can be seen. This starts roughly 40 seconds into the video.


Mechanical resonance experiment with a pendulum


A pendulum is forced to oscillate by a vibrator at various frequencies. The pendulum reaches its resonance frequency and exceeds it.

Simultaneous Linear and Nonlinear Pendulum Simulation: Small Angles Simultaneous Linear and Nonlinear Pendulum Simulation: Large Angles

These videos show nonlinear and linear modeled pendulums simultaneously at large and small angles.

MyPhysicsLab Simple Pendulum


An applet showing the angle, time, angular velocity or angular acceleration vs. angle for large, small and medium angles. It is clear as the angle increases the motion becomes increasingly nonlinear.

How are beats made?


Beats are made from interfering sine waves and played through the audio.


Longitudinal standing wave


One end of a spring is connected to a vibrator and the other end to a stand. The vibrator is powered by a frequency generator. Standing waves are set up in spring at various frequencies.