A few years ago I agreed to contribute A History of the Department of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Western Ontario to the Canadian Association of Physicists for publication in Physics in Canada. This was published in 1999, and is also available as a web page.

In the course of working on that history I have uncovered a number of old photographs, with pictures of former faculty and students, many of whom are not known to me. Please take a look at my Gallery of Old Photographs, and if you have any additions or corrections to the information I give there please pass them on to me.

I have collected much more information than I have been able to put into the CAP history, and have in mind to eventually prepare a more detailed history for the Department. If, after reading what I have here, you are reminded of some facts or stories about the department, I would very much appreciate hearing about them. Also, if you know someone who might be able to add to the history of the department, please let them know about these web pages, and/or let me know how to contact them.

In August 2005 the Physics and Astronomy Department celebrated the careers of six faculty members who are retiring from the department in 2005. This led me to reflect on the history of the comings and goings of faculty over the years, from which I concluded that this was an interesting moment in the history of the department.