The present campus of the University of Western Ontario began in 1922 with the start of construction of University College, the Science Building (now the Physics and Astronomy Building), the heating plant, and the bridge across the Thames River. The Science building was completed in 1924, and builder John Putherbough hired stone mason Don (or possibly Dan) Cree of Hamilton, Ontario to work on the building. The sculptures on the facade are not cast from moulds, but were carved on site, and should be considered as original works of art. In their number and quality the stone carvings of the building are unique on the campus. I am indebted to Alan Noon for much valuable information about the building and its carvings. winking man
The links at the left take you to three different pages:
  • The Facades page shows where the stone carvings are located on each of the three facades, excluding the reliefs around the three entrances. This page shows all 52 of the major carvings plus the 14 smaller reliefs above the south entrance.
  • The Entrances page shows all the small reliefs (72 in all) around each of the three original entrances to the building in a manner similar to the Facades page.
  • If you want to know where a particular carving is to be found, look at the Sculpture Tables page, which shows all 138 sculptures and reliefs.