A series of small stone carvings surrounds each of the three entrances to the original section of the Physics and Astronomy Building. There are 23 each around the east and west doors and 26 around the south doors for a total of 72 in all. To go directly to a particular entrance use the links at the right
Entrance Links
The carved reliefs around the entrances are shown here in the same way as the sculptures on the facades are shown. There is an image of each entrance with the positions of the carvings marked by white circles. Clicking within one of the circles will display the relief located there. In order to accommodate the inset photos, the images of the east and west entrances on this page are slightly distorted (widened).

West Entrance
Among the more interesting carvings around this door is one representing the sun (4th from the bottom on the left), and another which I take to be a superposition of a Scotch thistle, an Irish shamrock and a Canadian maple leaf (3 above the sun).
WD01 WD02 WD03 WD04 WD05 WD06 WD07 WD08 WD09 WD10 WD11 WD12 WD13 WD14 WD15 WD16 WD17 WD18 WD19 WD20 WD21 WD22 WD23 Inset OFF
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South Entrance
As with all the carvings on the building, each of the 26 reliefs around this door are unique, different from any other detail on the building. Of particular interest around this entrance are 3 faces, all located in the upper half of the entrance.
SD01 SD02 SD03 SD04 SD05 SD06 SD07 SD08 SD09 SD10 SD11 SD12 SD13 SD14 SD15 SD16 SD17 SD18 SD19 SD20 SD21 SD22 SD23 SD24 SD25 SD26 Inset OFF
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East Entrance
At all of the entrances there are carvings which have suffered from significant weathering, and that is true of several around the east entrance. At the right side of the entrance is a carving which I interpret as being the man in the moon, nearly opposite the carving of the sun at the west entrance.
ED01 ED02 ED03 ED04 ED05 ED06 ED07 ED08 ED09 ED10 ED11 ED12 ED13 ED14 ED15 ED16 ED17 ED18 ED19 ED20 ED21 ED22 ED23 Inset OFF
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