Below you will find guides to the sculptures on the western, southern, and eastern facades of the building, excluding the smaller work immediately around the three entrances. To go directly to a particular facade image use the links at the right.

On each facade image, click within one of the circles to see an inset photograph of the carving at that location. To remove the inset photograph and arrow, click on the title of the facade (near the bottom of the image) or anywhere along the bottom edge of the facade image - this may be necessary to view carvings hidden behind the inset.
Facade Links
West End of Building
There are 14 carvings on this facade. Only 3 are heads; the others are all leaf-like motifs. In spite of the similar appearance of some of the leaf-like carvings, no two of the carvings are the same.
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South Facade
Altogether there are 24 major carvings on the south side of the building, including 10 human heads and 4 fanciful creatures. In addition, over the entrance are 14 smaller reliefs.

South Facade, West End
Of the four lower sculptures on this part of the building, the three to the right have names (from left to right): 'Yorkshire Farmer', 'Ole Bill' (based on the first world war British Tommy created by cartoonist Bruce Bairnsfeather), and 'Tecumseh'.
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South Facade, Entrance area
Note at the very top the elaborate carvings of maple leaves and keys (left) and oak leaves and acorns (right). There are seven amusing faces amongst the fourteen carvings over the entrance (just below the 3rd floor windows). I particularly enjoy the first two on the left, which are casting sidelong glances at each other.
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South Facade, East End
There are many fine sculptures here. In particular, note the misery and tears of the 'Boy with Toothache' (modelled after a magazine advertisement for toothpaste) - second from the bottom left.
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East End of Building
Of the 14 sculptures on this side of the building, three are fanciful creatures and four are human heads, all located beside the two lower windows. I have always enjoyed the stern-looking professor with his mortarboard. Of particular interest is the owl-like figure at the left, which has now emerged from behind the vines for the first time in many years.
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