The purpose of this page is to enable you to click on a particular image and find out where it is on the building. The tables of images below contain all 138 sculptures and reliefs on the Physics and Astronomy Building. Each image table is arranged to match the size of the location guide for those images - for the most part 12 images per table. To go to a particular table use the links below, or just scroll down.

Five of these carvings were identified in articles in the London Free Press of 19 July, 1924, written to celebrate the opening of the new campus. Those identified carvings are named in quotation marks. I have made up my own descriptions for some of the others.

Click on an image to show its location on the building. Click along the bottom edge of the location image to return to the image table.
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Sculptures Reliefs

This first group shows 12 of the 17 stone carvings of people's heads. By row:
W08 SR02 SR08 E01 W14 W13 SL01 SL06 SL09 SL10 SL11 SR09 OFF
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People & Monsters
SR11 SR06 E10 E11 E12 SL05 SR03 E02 SL08 E03 SR10 E09 OFF
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Leaf-like decorations - first table
This is the first of three tables of the decorative sculptures on the building, 28 in all. The first five carvings in this table are clearly recognizable as leaves, or leaves with fruit. The remainder are slightly more stylized decorations.
SL04 SFE01 SFE02 SR04 SR07 E13 SFE18 W01 W03 OFF
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Leaf-like decorations - second table
These sculptures are still mostly leaf-like, but more abstract in form than those in the table above.
SL02 E05 SR05 W04 W072 W109 E07 E08 SL03 OFF
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Leaf-like decorations - third table
This final group of 10 carvings include some of the more abstract sculptures on the building.
SFE17 E14 W09 E04 E06 W02 W11 W12 W05 W06 OFF
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Faces in Relief
There happen to be exactly 12 faces in relief on the building, 5 around the three entrances, and 7 above the south entrance. The first two in the table are clearly meant to be the Moon and the "Sun" (The following annecdote about the sun carving is from the 1924 London Free Press article on the carvings: 'Mr. Cree was surprised one morning by a workman as he was carving the face of a summer sun. "What on earth are you putting the face of the sun there for" he was asked. "Oh, it's a bit dull this morning," was the reply, "and I thought I might coax the sun out to see his picture.') All the faces above the south entrance are amusing, but I particularly like the pair in the centre of this table.
ED18 WD04 SD07 SD12 SD19 SFE03 SFE04 SFE06 SFE07 SFE10 SFE12 SFE13 OFF
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Reliefs - flowers, leaves, etc.
Of the many reliefs around the entrances, I have selected for this table those that are most readily identifiable as flowers, leaves, and other recognizable objects.
WD07 WD10 WD18 ED01 ED02 ED06 ED20 ED21 SFE08 WD02 SD08 WD08 OFF
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Other Reliefs - first table
For the most part the 62 reliefs in this and the following five tables are decorative patterns rather than being clearly recognizable objects, although here and there are flower-like carvings, and the second one in this table is obviously a thistle.
WD01 WD03 WD05 WD06 WD09 WD11 WD12 WD13 WD14 WD15 WD16 WD17 OFF
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Other Reliefs - second table
WD19 WD20 WD21 WD22 WD23 SD01 SD02 SD03 SD04 SD05 SD06 SD09 OFF
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Other Reliefs - third table
SD10 SD11 SD13 SD14 SD15 SD16 SD17 SD18 SD20 SD21 SD22 SD23 OFF
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Other Reliefs - fourth table
SD24 SD25 SD26 SFE05 SFE09 SFE11 SFE14 SFE15 SFE16 ED03 ED04 ED05 OFF
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Other Reliefs - fifth table
ED07 ED08 ED09 ED10 ED11 ED12 ED13 ED14 ED15 ED16 ED17 ED19 OFF
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Other Reliefs - sixth table
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