Most of this and the following web pages are devoted to a November 25, 2002 Workshop on the history of Canadian space research which was held at the University of Western Ontario.

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A list of references to some of the published material concerning the history of Canadian space science is given under the Supplementary Materials pages.

The following web sites have valuable material on the history of Canadian space science:

Gordon Shepherd, Bob Lowe and I gave invited talks at the February, 2002 DASP Winter Workshop in Fredricton, looking back on our respective fields of research. Following the talks Gordon Shepherd mentioned that hearing these talks brought all sorts of memories to mind, and suggested that we should try to find a way of getting the oldest generation of Canadian space scientists together to reminisce, as a way of capturing some of the history of the field which may not yet be generally known. Out of that discussion came a workshop which was held in November 2002 at the University of Western Ontario:

A number of web pages here are devoted to the transcript of that workshop, and the reproduction of various supplementary materials provided by the participants, before, during and after the workshop.

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