The following is an edited transcript of the workshop held in the Physics and Astronomy Building at The University of Western Ontario on Monday, November 25, 2002, from 1:00 to 5:00 pm.

The transcript was prepared by Don Moorcroft from audio and video tapes of the event, with subsequent editing by the workshop participants.

Abbreviations used:
DM - Don Moorcroft RN - Ralph Nicholls AVJ - Alister Vallance Jones
GS - Gordon Shepherd IM - Ian McDiarmid DJ - Doris Jelly
PF - Peter Forsyth CH - Colin Hines AM - Allen McNamara
DR - David Rosner DK - Dave Kendall (audience members)

The Transcript

audience for welcoming remarks

Introductory Remarks


Good afternoon. I guess I'm well enough known that I don't need to be introduced to this audience.

The talk that I am giving this afternoon is one that I gave in Fredricton last winter at the Winter Workshop of the Division of Aeronomy and Space Physics, along with talks that Bob Lowe and Gordon Shepherd gave, also looking toward the past. After those talks Gordon came up to me and said "You know it really stimulates a lot of memories to hear people talking about these early days, and it would be nice if we could get some of the senior people in the field together to talk about things together. So that is sort of the genesis of this workshop this afternoon.

I'm not going to take a lot of time to tell you about the participants and all their accomplishments, because that would take most of the afternoon to do properly, but those of you who are in the field will recognize these names, and they will be introducing themselves at the beginning of the workshop because I've been told that that is something we really ought to do, because the proceedings are not only being recorded but they're going to be video-taped, and I gather that if the video camera produces something half decent that CSA may put it on their web page. So we'll see - forewarned is forearmed, I guess.

It's really a great pleasure for me to welcome our visitors today and I am really looking forward to the afternoon.

1951 auroral conference at UWO

You might wonder why this workshop is at UWO, and of course there are various reasons, but there are logical reasons and one of them has to do with the picture above, which is a picture of the auroral physics conference which was held here at Western in 1951, and in fact a couple of the people who participated in this conference are here this afternoon, Ralph Nicholls and Peter Forsyth (not in the photo). There is another face here, that of Don Hunten, who was a graduate of UWO, and it would have been very nice if he could have been here this afternoon as well. So 51 years ago last July this group of people met up in room 215 (it was then called room 234) to have this conference. That's one reason why UWO isn't such an illogical place to have this meeting. [See also the web page with copies of material from the proceedings of that 1951 conference.]

1948 Radio Physics class

The other reason is this picture of the very first graduating class of the Radio Physics program, in 1948. At the time Radio Physics wasn't yet officially on the books. One of the people in this picture is John Chapman (wearing glasses, at the left), who is often called the father of the Canadian Space Program. So there are two reasons why we might have this meeting here.

For those of you who might want to be in the audience for part of the afternoon, after the colloquium which I am about to give there are going to be three sessions: one from 2 to 3, then a 15 minute break, one from 3:15 to 4, another 15 minute break, then the final session from 4:15 to 5. Those who may want to nip in again for another cup of coffee may come and do that during those breaks.