Don Moorcroft passed away on January 14, 2015

Please enjoy the web pages which he so much enjoyed working on

I officially retired in 2000, and now in 2013 I no longer do any research. However, the links at the left describe the research that I used to do.

History Studies
I have become interested in the history of science, and that has led me to prepare a history of the UWO Physics and Astronomy Department (1999), to study the origins of Canadian radar research (2002), and to participate in studying the origins of space science research in Canada (2002).

In August 2005 the Physics and Astronomy Department celebrated the careers of six faculty members who retired from the department in 2005. This led me to reflect on the history of the comings and goings of faculty over the years, from which I concluded that this was an interesting moment in the history of the department.

Since my retirement and particularly since I acquired my first digital camera in 2003, I have become quite interested in photography. At first most of my photographs were of things that I found in nature, but recently many of them have been of other things - buildings, streetscapes, and especially reflections in windows - but also including the occasional example of physics in everyday life. You can find some of my other photographs here.

I also have my own photography web site, Don Moorcroft - Photography.

Photographs of stone carvings on the Physics and Astronomy Building
The Physics and Astronomy Building has many dozens of stone sculptures and reliefs on its facades. In 2010 I photographed all 138 of these carvings, and have created a guide to the Physics and Astronomy Building stone carvings.

Reflections #2, Toronto harbour