Dr. Giovanni Fanchini

Associate Professor

Canada Research Chair in Carbon-based nanomaterials and nano-optoelectronics

I have been working for a decade on different types of carbon-based nano-materials, including diamond-like carbon, carbon nitrides, boron carbide, carbon nanotubes, blends of fullerenes and photoactive polymers and, from 2006, graphene.

I am focusing on the optical and electronic properties of these materials. I see the fabrication of nanodevices as an excellent way of further understanding the intriguing properties of carbon-based nanosystems and have frequently used in-situ optical spectroscopies of electronic devices during operation as powerful tools to investigate optoelectronic nanodevices, including thin-flim transistors and solar cells.

Current Group Members

As of June 2018


Dr. Paul Bazylewski - OCE Talentedge Fellow

I received my PhD from the University of Saskatchewan working on organic electronics and graphene-nanoparticle systems. I joined Dr. Fanchini's group in 2015 as a MITACS postdoctoral fellow, and continued as a Talentedge OCE fellow in 2017, working on water filtration using 2D materials.

  Dr. Sina Kazemian - Postdoctoral Associate

My study focuses on electron-phonon interaction applied to multilayer graphene thin films decorated with copper particles on top and their role on the local decrease in thermal conductivity along the surface of graphene doped materials.

  Jaewoo Park - Doctoral Candidate

I received my BSc in Physics from Dongguk University in Korea and started my MSc degree at Western University and transferred to the PhD program. I worked on synthesis of graphene nanoribbons and porous graphene for water purification and am currently working on systhesis of carbon quantum dots.

  Angela Ezugwu - Doctoral Candidate

I finished my Master's degree here at Western University and now am a PhD student. I received my BSc in Physics at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka Enugu State, Nigeria. My research is on Defect-related magnetic properties and electrical transport of nanostructured nickel oxide thin films for solar cell applications.

  Edith Yeung - Master's Candidate

I am a Msc student in the Physics program at Western University. I also did my BSc in Physics and East Asia Studies here. My research is on improving titania nanocomposites for use in dye sensitized and perovskite solar cells.

  Victor Wong - Master's Candidate

I received my BSc from the University of Waterloo and joined Western as a graduate student in 2017. Currently, my work involves studying a variety of luminescent materials for applications in optoelectronic devices.

  Sheldon van Middelkoop - Master's Candidate

I am currently researching 2D materials looking at applications to water filtration and sensing technologies. The main goal of my project is to create a device which is capable of both capturing and sensing heavy metals such as cadmium in water based solutions. The goal is to exploit the electronic properties of certain post graphene 2D materials, mainly MoS2 in order to capture and sense these metals. The first stage of this process includes functionalizing the MoS2 with cysteine in order to capture the cadmium and thus causing a change in the electronic structure of these materials which may be able to be sensed by a simple and cheap electronic device.

  Andason Cen - 2017-18 Research Undergraduate

I am a 4th year Physics student who has been helping the group prepare graphene samples for characterization through ultrasonic exfoliation of graphite.

  Harshil Shah - 2017-18 Research Undergraduate

I am a 3rd year student planning to specialize in biomedical applications that has been assigned a summer project for the group involving the transfer printing of graphene onto electrical grids.

  Nicholas Popiel - 2018 Research Undergraduate

I am a third year Integrated Science and Physics student. Since May 2018 I have been working with the group on Electron Spin Resonance spectroscopy and helping to set up the new Scanning Tunneling Microscope.

Alumni Members

In order of departure

Cody McLeod - 2018 Honors Thesis Undergraduate

My thesis focused on studying the mobility of electrons within persistent luminescent materials. Pulsed near field optical microscopy was performed on strontium aluminate to investigate the relationship between the phase delay of the luminescence and the size of the crystal.

Dr. Reg Bauld - Postdoctoral Fellow

I received my BSc from UBC (Physics, with minor in Mathematics). I worked towards the study of defects in organic and carbon-based materials and their effect on the performance of optoelectronic devices, including solar cells.

M. Shafiq Ahmed - Doctoral Candidate

I got my BSc from the University of Punjab (Pakistan) and MSc from University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT). I worked on the development of novel spectroscopic techniques for investigating small absorption and non-radiative recombination in graphene, nanotubes, other organic materials, and related devices.

Arash Akbari-Sharbaf - Doctoral Candidate

I received my BSc in Physics from York University and a MSc degree from Western in Condensed Matter Theory working on magnetic ribbons. Afterwards, I decided to become an experimentalist and combined experiments and theory for studying the effects of shape on the properties of graphene nanoribbons. I was jointly supervised by Prof. Cottam, for my theoretical work, and Prof. Fanchini.

Faranak Sharifi - Doctoral Candidate

I received my BSc and MSc in Physics from the University of Shiraz (Iran). I worked towards the development of innovative graphene thin films and their utilization in optical and electronic devices, such as thin film transistors, solar cells and biological applications.

Kris O. Chui - Master's Candidate

I received my BSc in Physics from the Chinese University of Hong Kong. I worked towards the development of advanced plasmonic materials for optoelectronic applications.

Sabastine Ezugwu - Master's Candidate

I received my MSc in Applied Physics from the University of Nigeria-Nsukka. My interests were in developing and testing new plasmonic materials.

Steven Crone - 2012 Summer Research Undergraduate

I was a Western student working towards the completion of my BSc in Chemistry. My research interest was in electron spin resonance (ESR) characterization of paramagnetic chalcogenolates. I was jointly supervised by Prof. Corrigan for my synthesis work, and Prof. Fanchini.

Lakshmi N. Ragupathy - 2012 MITACS-Globalink Intern

I was an undergraduate student in Engineering Physics at IIT-Madras (India). My summer project was on graphene-based plasmonic solar cells.

Andrei Venter - 2012 Summer Research Undergraduate

I was in my second year BSc in Physics at Western. I was developing a new apparatus for characterization of nanoparticles in aqueous suspensions.

Leesa Marie Fleury - 2011-12 Research Undergraduate

I was a Western student working towards the completion of my BSc in Physics. My research interest was in developing and characterizing new anhydrous hole-blocking layers for innovative solar cell applications.

Marima Van Walsh - 2010-11 Honors Research Undergraduate

My thesis was about the effect of oxygen on the performance of organic photo-voltaics. In collaboration with Prof. Simpson, I used the Rutherford Backscattering facility at the TandetronLab to estimate the O content in polymeric solar cell layers.

Adrian Basilij - 2009-10 Honors Research and Summer Research Undergraduate

My thesis and summer projects were about studies on the degradation of organic solar cells, using a suite of electrical characterization and spectroscopic techniques.

Maria Tibbo - 2009-10 Honors Research and Summer Research Undergraduate

My thesis and summer projects were about the preparation of graphene and carbon nanotube thin films via solution processing.