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For graduate students:

We are currently seeking qualified graduate and Mc.S. students. Opportunities are available for students in various areas related to surface science probes, nanomaterials, ion beam scattering and synthesis.

Application to Physics: Interested students should send applications (see ) directly to the Department of Physics & Astronomy at the University of Western Ontario. Students may wish to apply through one of several diferent programs (Chemistry or Biochemical Engineering). Check the Physics and Astronomy Graduate Studies webpage for further information on graduate student stipends and scholarships.

Find more information about requirement and on being a graduate student at Western through the School of Graduate and Postgraduate Studies website.

For undergraduate students:

Undergraduate students interested in summer research opportunities are encouraged to enquire about applying for an NSERC Undergraduate Summer Research Award (USRA). See our departmental website for more information. Though I will consider all qualified students.

My research group typically hosts one or two Honor Research Projects each year. Contact me in late August - early September. Possible projects descriptions are posted on the Physics/Materials Science 4999E website.

For postdoctoral fellows:

If you are interested to apply for the Postdoctoral Fellowship (PDF) from NSERC and work in my group, contact me in June-July to avoid the rush.

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