Research Group


strbul2e         Currently under my supervision I have two post-docs and three graduate students working towards their M.Sc. or Ph.D. degrees:

Dr. Hoa Nguyen

Dr. Zahra Haghshenasfard

Maher Ahmed

Arash Akbari


strbul2e         Some graduate students and post-docs who have completed their studies include:

Dr. Tushar Das (Ph.D. completed in 2011)

Dr. Hoa Nguyen (Ph.D. completed in 2009)

Dr. Trinh Nguyen (Ph.D. completed in 2007; Post-Doc completed in 2008)

Dr. Eric Meloche (Ph.D. completed in 2005)

Dr. Comron Nouri (Ph.D. completed in 2005)

Dr. Abdel-Rahman Abu-Labdeh (Shared Post-Doc completed in 2004)

Dr. J. Milton Pereira (Ph.D. completed in 2001)
Dr. Oleg Vassiliev (Ph.D. completed in 2001)
Dr. Claudionor Bezerra (Post-Doc completed in 2001)



strbul2e         Some recent visitors and research collaborators to my group include:

Prof. Dimo Uzunov (Academy of Sciences - Bulgaria) – in 2008
Prof. Eudenilson Albuquerque (UFRN - Brazil) – in 2004, 2003, 2001
Dr. Igor Rojdestvenski (U. of Umea, Sweden) – in 2002, 2001, 2000
Dr. Andrei Borodich (U. of Heidelberg, Germany) – in 2002, 2001
Dr Salar Baher (U. of Lorestan, Iran) – in 2002, 2001
Dr. J. Milton Pereira (UFC - Brazil) – in 2003, 2002.



strbul2e         To inquire further or to find out about current opportunities, you are welcome to contact me by email at cottam@uwo.ca.




Photo (at UWO), from the left:
Milton Pereira, Mike Cottam, Eric Meloche,
Igor Rojdestvenski, and Claudionor Bezerra.










Photo (at the 2006 International Conference
on Magnetism, Japan), from the left:
Trinh Nguyen, Hoa Nguyen, and
Mike Cottam.










Photo (at the 2006 International Conference
on Magnetism, Japan), from the left:
Mike Cottam and Tushar Das













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