Mahi R. SinghWestern Science

Students and Scientists


The training of research personnel is both a goal and the principal means of carrying out my research program. I am able to attract a number of good undergraduate students, graduate students , postdocs and scientists whose efforts have made a pivotal contribution to my research.


Chris Racknor
           2009- Ph.D. (progress) ,Development and characterization of polaritonic nanodevices.
Daniel Grant Schindel
           2008- Ph.D. (progress).
Joel Douglas Cox
           2008- Ph.D. (progress).
Ali Hatef
           2008-2012- Ph.D. (completed) Metallic photonic crystals and Hybrid systems.
Graeme Bart
           2008-2010 M.Sc. (completed) Polaron Hopping in DNA Molecules.
Andre Botha
           2000-2006 Ph.D. Photonic banked ap materials.
Desforges, J.
           1998- Ph.D. Transport properties of nanostructures.
Barrie, S.
           1998-2006 Ph.D. Magnetic properties of high Tc superconductors.
Lau, W.
           1995- Ph.D. Optical properties of Nanostructurs.
Thompson, R.
           94-98 Ph.D. (completed) Transport in S/N/Sjunctions. Postdoc in England.
Kuzmin, S.
           95-96, Ph.D. Quantum Hall Effect. Ph.D. student in Applied Math.
Singh, R.
           90-94, Ph.D. (completed) Magnetic properties of HTS. Ass. Director, University Grant Comm., India.
Barrie, S.
           95-98 , M. Sc. (completed) Thermal Properties of HTS. Ph.D. student.
Lau, W.
           93-95, M. Sc. (completed) Optical properties of type II superlattices. Ph.D. student.
Tweel N.
           90-93 M. Sc.(completed) Thermal Properties of HTS. Analyst/Software Engineer Rowe Communication Ltd., Canada.


Desrat Wilfried
           (1998) B. Eng. Magnetic Properties of La-Cu-O & Y-Ba-Cu-O.
Desbrousses, R.
           (1997) B. Eng. Carriers tunneling in type II quantum wells.
Cassse, M.
           (1996) B. Eng. Polariton-impurity band in III-V semiconductors.
Dumas, O.
           (1995) B. Eng. Transport electronique dans les materiaus amorphes
Jerrier, P.
           (1994) B. Eng. Study of Fibonacci superlattices.


M. Grigorescu
          1997-. Superconductors. Scientist.
E.P. Yukalova
          97-98 Transient current. Scientist, Bogolubov Lab., Dubna , Russia
V. Yudson
          97-98 Nanostructures. Senior Scientist, Russian Acad. of Sciences, Moscow.
D. Alexandrov
          96-97 Band Structures. Scientist, University of Toronto.
Alex Shik
          96-97 Nanostructures. Senior Scientist, University of Toronto.
V. Rupasov
          95-96 Nonlinear optics. Adj. Professor, University of Toronto.
R. P. Singh
          94-95 Superconductors. Assoc. Director, Univ. Grant Comm., India.
Z.C. Tao
         90-93 Hot Electrons. Senior Scientist, Boston University, USA.
V.I. Yukalov
        (co-supervisor) 97-98 Magnetism. Professor, Bogolubov Lab. Dubna , Russia.